Charities we give to include Rainforest Trust, Cayman Islands Trust and Panthera.OrgIn Sweden where we live, respect for nature is deeply embedded in its culture and way of living.  “Vildare” means “wilder” in Swedish, and that’s exactly our mission - to encourage living that is consciously connected to the wild world around us. 


As we care deeply about preserving the environment and wildlife for future generations, we donate a portion of proceeds from every purchase towards conservation.  We will donate between €2 and €5 for each sale we make:

  • For each sale of a bag with the Bulong Tiger Print, we make a donation to
  • For each sale of our Cayman Colliers and Cayman Etch prints, we make a donation to the Cayman Islands National Trust.
  • For each sale of all our other bags, we make a donation to the Rainforest Trust.