Introducing the Vildare debut collection: Wild at Heart, with Nature in Mind

Uniquely crafted bags from natural premium materials, in bold original prints inspired by the natural world

Vildare, the premium Swedish sustainable design label, has launched their “Wild at Heart” vegan bag collection, featuring bold original prints inspired by the natural world and showcasing endangered animals. The range includes convertible Tote / Backpacks and Crossbody / Bum bags, with a portion from each sale donated to conservation organizations that directly help protect the animals featured.

Vildare make uniquely crafted luxury vegan bags and accessories for men and women out of premium natural and animal-free materials, heavily influenced by a deep respect for nature. Their ethos is a no compromise approach between bold design and sustainability.

Ett vildare liv’ means a life lived in tune with nature. It also reflects a passion for life that is colourful, bold and uncompromised. 

The idea formed after years of wasting money on bags that didn’t hold up to wear and tear, sadly ending up destined for landfill. Having searched high and low for cool, chic bags that were sustainably made from natural and animal-free materials, options were found to be limited.  The couple decided to focus their passion and develop their own designs. In 2019, after a year of detailed product research and testing, and the sale of their house to fund the project, Vildare was born. 

Many of the illustrations and patterns in the Wild at Heart collection pay homage to endangered and threatened animals and their habitat with the aim to bring awareness to their cause.  Tigers,  Sumatran Rhino and Blue Iguana from the Cayman Islands are just some of the animals featured. 

The complimentary materials include organic cotton canvas and, a unique feature of the Wild at Heart collection, FSC certified cork leather interior lining. The result is a stunning high-quality bag combining sustainability, durability and luxury. 

Heather Kay, co-founder said, “We worked hard to build a sustainable company from the ground up, taking care of every detail. We manufacture in small batches to eliminate waste and aim to make thoughtful design choices to inspire industry change for good. Every production aspect is a conscious choice to do the best for the world we live in, treating both the environment and people with respect - tags are made from seed paper, organic cotton is GOTS certified, webbing is made from hemp and thread from tencel and recycled polyester. The printing process is from an EU Flower certified facility, and we ship our products in special reusable envelopes. Our workers are paid fairly and our geographical footprint is minimized. 

“As we care deeply about preserving the environment, we donate a portion of proceeds from every purchase towards frontline environmental conservation” she added. “The endangered animals and their habitats featured in our prints are directly supported by our customers via the charities we support”.  

Nature is beautiful. Vildare want to keep it that way.   

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