Vildare tag made from biodegrable seed paper

We are happy to announce that our Vildare tags are made from environmentally friendly plantable seed paper.

Each tag has a mix of seeds from three varieties of flowers:

  • poppies
  • daisies
  • rudbeckias

How is seed paper made?

In order to refine the seeds, we use the traditional method of manufacturing known as Dutch Stacks.

First, the sheets are processed one by one. Only raw materials are used such as cotton or recycled fibers. The pulp is then funnelled through the traditional sieves, distributing the seeds. Next, a quick drying process is carried out, which guarantees good germination of the seeds. Finally, a cold pressing is applied.

How do I plant my seed paper tag?

  1. Soak the seed paper
  2. Cut it into pieces and then cover with soil (1cm deep).
  3. Soak the soil with water and place it in a warm and bright location.
  4. Water it every day. Make sure that the paper is always wet when buried.
  5. In a few days, depending on the weather and the season, you'll see how the plants germinate and begin to grow.
  6. Place it in a window, or in the outdoors. Water the plants regularly and see your message bloom.
  7. Transfer to a larger pot when it starts to grow.