Biodegradable Tag from Seed Paper - Plant to Grow Flowers!

In our research in our aim to eliminate packaging waste, we discovered the existence of seed paper, a sustainable material made with recycled paper and embedded with flower seeds. Instead of throwing it away, you can plant it to grow flowers! We decided this would be the perfect material to make our tags from!


If you're curious how it works, click the link to find out how it works.

We use a special reusable envelope system

Packaging waste from online shopping is a major problem - did you know that about 165 billion packages are shipped in the US alone each year, with the cardboard used roughly equating to more than 1 billion trees? And that the plastic wrapping contributes to ocean pollution which is reaching the amount of 1 tonne (a metric ton) of plastic for every 3 tonnes of fish in the ocean?


That is why we searched high and low for a better solution and found RePack, a Finnish based company who offers a special durable envelope for shipping that can be used up to 50 times. When you have opened your package, you just pop the envelope in the mail so it can find its way back to be re-used again.

The Vildare Unpacking Experience

In this video we show you what it's like to receive a Vildare luxury vegan Convertible Backpack in the mail from us. It comes in a zero-waste reusable RePack envelope and includes a tag made from seed paper. The beautiful bag comes inside an organic cotton drawstring bag - again we decided to offer you a reusable bag rather than pack it in plastic - a win for the environment and a win for you.


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